“I love Japan!” -TE#85 Holden Huff

Tight end #85 Holden Huff

A four year starter at Boise State, and focal point of the Broncos run and pass game. At Boise State Holden was a threat in both the running and passing game. Holden will figure to be a major weapon in the Obic Seagulls new high powered offense.(25, 196cm, 107kg)


(interview Aug.2018)

Coming to Japan

What brought you to Japan? What did you want to get out of coming here?

I’ve always wanted to come to Japan, living here has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

(※Photo: Graduation day with his stepmom)

How was the actual move to Japan? How has it been adjusting?

The only difficult part about the move is the lack of Japanese language. Reading where I am going or what I am eating. That sort of thing. I expected it so it hasn’t been very frustrating.

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Is Football, Football?

What is your impression of Japanese football?

Football in Japan is amazing. The level of respect that each player has for not only the players on their team but the rest of the players in the league is a very cool thing to be a part of.

What do you like about the Seagulls?

We are a team that is full of different people, playing as one. We come out to play because we love the sport and the fans that come to watch us.

What is the biggest difference from playing in America?

Besides the obvious difference, language, would have to be the attitudes. Nobody thinks they are better than anyone else here. People work hard no matter what level they are at. Everyone is very humble.

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The experience of living in Japan

What’s it like living in Japan?

Like I said before it was my dream to live here! I think Japan is beautiful and I want to travel everywhere and see it all.

(※Photo: Hanging out with his brother)

What do you like to do on your free time?

I like to play games on my free time, if not I am working out or riding my bike! I also like movies and ldarts and bowling! Random stuff!

Any advice for Americans who may be considering a move to Japan in the future?

My advice for anyone else coming here is to just be calm. Understand that you are in a different country with a different culture. You are representing your country and everyone who has raised you. Just be respectful and treat people how you would want to be treated and you will be fine! It’s amazing here! Go eat at Jinanbo!

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