“Country road, take me home to Chiba?” -QB#3 Skyler Howard

Quarterback #3 Skyler Howard

A three year starter and standout at West Virginia and New face of the revamped Obic Seagulls offense. At West Virginia Skyler was a duel threat quarterback that thrives against some of the top defenses in the NCAA.(23, 178cm, 94kg)


(interview June 2018)

Coming to Japan

What brought you to Japan? What did you want to get out of coming here?

A great opportunity to play football and learn a new culture at the same time. I want to improve as a player and as a person. I believe that when you are taken out of your comfort zone that you will learn new things about yourself and become a better person.

(※Photo: Skyler using his legs to keep the play alive while at West Virginia University)

How was the actual move to Japan? How has it been adjusting?

The move to Japan was a culture shock. At the beginning it was very frustrating but as i experienced everyday life it became manageable. My teammates and coaching staff have helped me throughout the process and i now have a great understanding of how things work in Japan.

(※Photo: Skyler off the field with his mother and number one fan)

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Is Football, Football?

What is your impression of Japanese football?

My impression of Japanese football is great. I really like the fact that the rules are the same as NCAA and the NFL.

What do you like about the Seagulls?

I like that the Seagulls have a family atmosphere and have high expectations for the success of the team. “WE ARE SEAGULLS” means a lot to the team.

What is the biggest difference from playing in America?

The biggest difference from playing in America is the fact that we don’t shake hands after the game. Besides that, in between the lines it is football.

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The experience of living in Japan

What’s it like living in Japan?

It’s nice, the food and people are great! I see something new everyday.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I love to eat sushi and explore Tokyo in my free time.

Any advice for Americans who may be considering a move to Japan in the future?

Have an open mind when coming to a new country. Especially Japan. The people here are willing to help you if they see you lost or confused. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know.. you might really enjoy them.

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