"Connecting the US and Japan with a long pass" -QB#12 Ikaika Woolsey

Quarterback #12 Ikaika Woolsey

A dynamic young quarterback gifted with a next level skill set. Originally from northern California, Ikaika was a standout at the University of Hawaii where he played for three seasons against some of the best defenses in the country. Ikaika is a well rounded quarterback. He has a cannon for an arm, is physically strong, and is mobile when he needs to get out of trouble.(24, 185 cm, 95 kg)

Coming to Japan

What made you come to Japan?

My main reason for coming to Japan was to continue to play football.

Football is something that I love, and I felt that continuing my career here would be a great opportunity to not only play, but to meet new people, network, and possibly make some inroads in business given the presence of a few big companies that are closely related to the X-League.

How did you feel about moving to Japan?

I felt really excited about moving here. Prior to coming here I'd only heard nothing but good things about Japan. My first visit to Japan was in February of this year so I haven't spent much time here yet, but everything has been treating me well so far. I'm loving the experience.

What is your impression of Japanese football so far?

I definitely feel that it is a lot more competitive that what I had expected. From the first day of practice our defense has really been getting after it and trying to make things hard on me. Guys are making a lot of plays out there.

I'm sure that opposing teams will be trying their best to counter what we do, and I'm really excited about the upcoming season and the future of Japanese football in general.

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Football in Japan

What is your impression of the Seagulls organization so far?

I feel that the way the Seagulls organization is run feels like a family oriented operation. I definitely feel at home here. From the top all the way down. The front office people, the coaches, it feels like everything is ran in a first class manner. I feel like they treat everyone right and put the players first.

Do you have a message for the fans?

I'm really looking forward to this season. I plan on doing what I can to bring back the winning tradition to the Seagulls.

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Life Outside of Football

Is there anything that you want to do in Japan that you haven't had the opportunity to do yet?

I would like to go and see Mt. Fuji. I feel like Mt. Fuji is both cool and iconic. I definitely would like to visit there and possibly try to climb it sometime in the future.

Is there an interesting fact about you that most people wouldn't know?

My first sport was swimming. My grandfather is a swimmer and an Olympic gold medalist (1952 Olympic Games - Helsinki).

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Advice for Future Seagulls

Do you have any advice for prospective players coming to Japan?

Just be open minded when you come out here. Not just with football, but with culture and language. I just got here, but I think it's important to respect cultural differences and do what you can to learn and embrace those differences.

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