“Old(er) Brother, New Family” -DB#21 Bronson Beatty

Defensive Back #21 Bronson Beatty

The younger brother of defensive end BJ Beatty was a standout defensive back and focal point of Nihon University 's dominant defensive run that led to a collegiate national title in 2017. Bronson is a versatile player who can play anywhere in the defensive backfield. His size, speed, and aggressive style of play allows enables him to make plays all over the field whether it be coming up to stop the run or taking on the assignment of covering the opponent’s main target. (24, 188cm, 90kg)


(interview Oct.2018)

Coming to Japan

What brought you to Japan? What did you want to get out of coming here?

My brother playing here eventually led to me playing here. Learning the language is the biggest thing I wanted to get out of it. Being able to learn a different language and culture first hand is an amazing thing.

(※Photo: At high school promenade)

How was the actual move to Japan? How has it been adjusting?

At first I didn’t like it, It was difficult adjusting and I wanted to move back home. It was easier to adjust after I made friends and got used to the culture.

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What about the football?

What is your impression of Japanese football?

I was impressed because there are some good players here. I didn’t expect for the guys to be as good as they were.

What do you like about the Seagulls?

I like how close we are as a team. It is a very family oriented style. I feel at home when I’m with the team.

What is the biggest difference from playing in America?

The biggest difference is the language. The football terms here can be confusing sometimes. For the most part there are more similarities than there are differences.

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Life in Japan

What’s it like living in Japan?

I think it’s cool to live in japan. I come from a small island so living near such a large city like Tokyo a big change but I love it. I’m loving the experience so far.

(※Photo: Catching a big wave back in Hawaii)

What do you like to do on your free time?

I’m a simple guy. I usually go to the gym or play video games.

Any advice for Americans who may be considering a move to Japan in the future?

My advice would be to be open minded. It’s a different country which means they do some things differently and you have to accept it. Also learn the language as fast as you can, being able to communicate on and off the field makes life a whole lot smoother.

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