American players and coaches

There are currently five American players and one American coach in the Seagulls organization. All six Americans decided to to come to Japan to further their respective football careers. They have all found Japan to be a second home, and the Seagulls to be their family away from home. X League regulations require that all players be employed outside of football. All of our players have flourished both on and off the field. Some of our more established Americans have found success in the Japanese corporate world, and our younger players are breaking into their new careers and creating solid foundations. All six Americans are making the most of their opportunities in Japan and are serving as great ambassadors of our sport, team, and home county of the United States.

Player List

Regarded as a pioneer among American players in Japan.
Has taken the league by storm with his hard hits and aggressiveness.
Leader and naturally gifted dual threat quarterback with a strong arm and fleet feet.
(West Virginia)
A tall, versatile tight end that can block and threaten teams downfield.
(Boise St)
Physical, fast and rangy defensive back that can cover from sideline to sideline.
(Nihon University)

Coach List

The brains behind the Seagulls high powered offensive unit.