American players and coaches

There are currently two American players on the roster of the Seagulls. After graduating from college they decided to go east to Japan. They have found Japan to be a second home, and the Seagulls to be their family away from home. X-League regulations require that all athletes work. Not only have they been key to the Seagulls' on-field success, they have all flourished away from the field in the Japanese corporate world. In addition to the two American players, one American coach is also a part of the current the Seagulls staff. All three Americans are making the most of their opportunities, and are serving as great ambassadors of our sport, team, and home country of the United States.

Player List

Regarded as a pioneer among American players in Japan.
Has taken the league by storm with his hard hits and aggressiveness.

Coach List

The brains behind the Seagulls high powered offensive unit.