Life in Japan

Japan is a very captivating and welcoming country. Differences in language and culture can be intimidating at first, but you will be sure that a team of supporters will rally around you to make sure that you make a smooth transition. Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about life in Japan.

What does a typical one year schedule look like and will I have an opportunity to return home during the year?

The year is broken up into two seasons. There is a Spring tournament which takes place from late April through to early July. Practice leading up to the Spring tournament usually begins in late February. The fall season begins in late August and the championship game is on January 3rd.

Vacation time can differ depending on your coinciding work schedule, but most of our athletes and coaches enjoy two long breaks. The two breaks consist of the period after January 3rd to roughly the last week of February; and from the first week of July to roughly mid August. There are smaller breaks throughout the year which some players and staff are able to use at their discretion.

Where do most players and staff live and is it close to the team facilities?

The team facilities are located directly 30 minutes east of central Tokyo in Chiba prefecture. Many players and staff live in convenient locations in east Tokyo and west Chiba.

What does employment entail for players and what does a typical weekly work schedule look like?

Depending on the company of employment the weekly schedule can vary. We encourage our players and staff to participate in team activities(educational flag football courses, team promotional events, and community service activities) throughout the week and therefore work schedules are generally adjusted to make time for these activities.

Alongside work, during the week players and staff are encouraged to make the necessary preparations(training,meetings,etc.) for upcoming practices and games. Practices are generally held only on weekends, and therefore everyone is encouraged to make the most of there time during the week to stay productive.

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