Message from the General Manager and Head Coach

GM Ohashi's message on the Seagulls leadership and continued pursuit of excellence

Our team first welcomed an American player in 2005. At the time, while being regarded as an innovative team many factors had prevented us from welcoming American players prior to 2005. Differences in language and communication. Difficulties with management practices due to cultural differences were a few of those factors, but the biggest hurdle was to dispel the doubt that a "authentic player" could actually play in our league.

Through a culmination of effort on the part of many, Kevin Jackson (University of Hawaii, DE, active roster) became a member of our team. In addition to playing at a NCAA division 1 level collegiate program, he also had experience playing in a NFL camp. This background and experience embodied the term "authentic player". Not only did he become an immediate threat to opposing teams, he had an evolutionary and explosive impact on our team.

After that our team welcomed a number of authentic players, and now a number of these players are still currently a part of our team. Many Japanese teams have followed our lead and have invited top American players to join their organizations. It is no exaggeration to say that this development has greatly changed the football scene in Japan.

In welcoming American players and coaches we take pride in being pioneers. We value a certain philosophy. One which doesn't just focus on strengthening our team, but we strive to work together with likeminded individuals to effect change and transform the world of Japanese football. I want to stand together and fight with someone who can play at a high level on the field, be reverent and respectful in various situations, and embody the greatness of the game.

That is not necessarily an easy challenge however those that find this challenge appealing because it's not easy may find the Seagulls to be the right team for you. Together with the team, do you want to create a future for the world of football? I look forward to our challenge together.

Makoto Ohashi

Obic Seagulls General Manager


General Manager profile
Makoto Ohashi

Born in 1965 in Hyogo prefecture of Japan and raised in Tokyo. Former head coach and now General Manager Makoto Ohashi began playing football in high school and later became a standout linebacker at Waseda university and with the Seagulls.

After an eight season career as a player with the Seagulls, Ohashi made the jump to the coaching ranks in 1996. He served as special teams coordinator for the 1996 season, and defensive coordinator for the 1997 season through to the 1999 season. In the year 2000 Ohashi became the head coach. In his 15 year tenure as head coach Ohashi would go on to become the most successful coach in the history of the X-League. He would amass 5 national championships as well as a historic four consecutive championship run from 2010 trough 2013. In 2015 Ohashi transitioned from the ranks of coaching to management. He has continued to be involved with the team in various capacities. First, serving as senior advisor during the 2016 season, and most recently as the general manager since the 2017 season.

Alongside his duties at the Seagulls, Ohashi has also been involved in the Japanese national team football program. There, he has served as a coach in all senior national team engagements since 1999. More recently, Ohashi has been involved as a coach on the under 19 level of the Japanese national team and as a member of the Japan American Football Association's Reinforcement and Development Committee.

Ohashi has consistently exhibited a passion for the sport of American football and has dedicated his life to furthering the sport in Japan by tirelessly working towards a better future for American football and the potential positive effect on the youth and society at large in Japan.

Obic Seagulls General Manager 2017-
Obic Seagulls Senior Advisor 2016
Recruit/Obic Seagulls Head Coach 2000-2015
Recruit Seagulls Defensive Coordinator 1997-1999
Recruit Seagulls Special Teams Coordinator 1996
Japan American Football Association Reinforcement and Development Committee member 2016-
U-19 Japan National Team Head Coach IFAF World Cup 2016, 2018
Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2015 IFAF World Cup
U-19 Japan National Team Assistant Head Coach IFAF World Cup 2014
German - Japan Bowl II/IFAF Asian Qualifier Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2014
Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2011 IFAF World Cup
IFAF Asian Qualifier Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2011
German - Japan Bowl Japan National Team Defensive Coach 2010
Notre Dame - Japan Bowl Japan National Team Defensive Coach 2009
Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2007 IFAF World Cup
Japan - USA Bowl Japan National Team Defensive Coordinator 2005
Japan National Team Defensive Coach 2003 IFAF World Cup
Japan National Team Defensive Coach 1999 IFAF World Cup
Recruit Seagulls 1989-1996
Waseda university 1985-1988
Toritsu Nishi high school 1981-1983

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Head coach Kosho's message on his outlook for the team

No matter how many national titles we win, our craving for victory will never be satisfied.

We know we can reach a higher level. With that as our guiding principle, I am building this team along with the players.

To all players -
who want to aim for a national championship with us,
who want to help football become a major sport in Japan,
who want to be a part of a global club team that goes beyond the boundaries of Japan,
we warmly and sincerely await hearing from you.

Naoki Kosho

Obic Seagulls Head Coach


Head Coach profile
Naoki Kosho

Born in 1978 in Osaka Prefecture, Coach Kosho was a running back in high school, then switched to defensive back at Ritsumeikan University. He helped lead the Panthers to the national collegiate championship his junior year (1998). Upon graduating, he played one year with a Kansai region (west Japan) team.

In 2001, he made the move east and joined the Seagulls, switching to linebacker in 2004. He was the longest-serving captain in team history, holding that position for eight years from 2007 to 2014. During that span, he helped the team win an unprecedented four straight Japan national titles (2010-2013). Blessed with great speed among Japanese linebackers, he established himself as one of the greatest in league history by being selected to the All X-League team a total of nine times (2004-2010, 2012-2013).

He was also a longtime member of the Japan national team, from the Japan-USA Bowl game in 2005 to the 4th IFAF World Championship of American Football in 2011. He served as team captain for the 2011 World Championship in Austria. He also played one season in 2003 in the Arena Football League 2 with the Albany Conquest.

From 2010, while serving as captain of the Seagulls, he also took on the duties of linebacker and defensive backs coach. In 2015, he stepped down as captain, and became the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach.

Following the 2015 season, Kosho retired as a player and was named the head coach of the Seagulls.

In addition to his vast knowledge of football, Coach Kosho holds national certification in acupuncturist, and has a career in the field of healing.

Obic Seagulls Head Coach 2016-
Obic Seagulls Defensive Coordinator 2015
Obic Seagulls Linebacker/Defensive Back Coach 2013-2014
Obic Seagulls Linebacker Coach 2010-2012
Recruit/Obic Seagulls 2001-2015
Mycal Bears 2000
Ritsumeikan university 1996-1999
Kansai Okura high school 1993-1995
Japan National Team 2011 IFAF World Cup
German - Japan Bowl Japan National Team 2010
Notre Dame - Japan Bowl Japan National Team 2009
Japan National Team 2007 IFAF World Cup
Japan - USA Bowl Japan National Team 2005
Albany Conquest, AF2(USA) 2003

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