Post-playing career

After retirement

Every season roughly 10 players or so decide to retire. After retiring many players have chosen to remain involved in some shape or form in the world of American football. American football is a part of their lifestyle.

Former player and now coach at Stanford university, Tsuyoshi Kawata(photo:right) helps coach various X-League, university, and grade school teams in Japan. Many other former players have dedicated themselves to the development of players and coaching in Japan.

Some former Seagulls have gone on to have successful coaching careers abroad. Highlighted below are three special Seagulls that have gone above and beyond.

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David Stant

University of Hawaii class of 1989 graduate David Stant came to Japan to play football as a member of the Recruit Seagulls(now Obic Seagulls). League rules at the time prevented foreign plays from participation. David however decided to join the Seagulls organization as a coach and in 1993 became the head coach. He would go on to lead the team to two national championships in 1996 and 1998.

In 2002, David became the head coach of the up and coming IBM football program. In 2007 he returned to Hawaii and became the head coach of the prominent Kamehameha high school football team, leading them too the state title in 2009.

Since 2013 David has been in charge of turning around the Keio university football team. He is currently serving as the head coach and offensive coordinator for the Unicorns.

(photo:Coach Stant while with the Seagulls)

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Robert Prince

After serving as the Seagulls offensive coordinator in the inaugural championship season 1996/97 Robert Prince has gone on to coach on the collegiate and professional level back in the United States.

(photo:Coach Prince while with the Seagulls)


He is currently the wide receivers coach for he Detroit Lions of the NFL. Here is a list of his coaching stops after his year with the Seagulls.

Detroit Lions
Wide Receivers(2014-Present)
Boise State University
Offensive Coordinator(2012-2013) Wide Receivers(2011)
University of Colorado
Pass Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers(2010)
Seattle Seahawks
Wide Receivers(2009)
Jacksonville Jaguars
Assistant Wide Receivers(2007-2008)
Atlanta Falcons
Assistant Quarterbacks(2006) Offensive Assistant(2004-2005)
Boise State
Pass Game Coordinator(2003) Wide Receivers(2001-2002)
Portland State
Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers(1999-2000) WR(1998)

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Mike Leonard

Now head coach of Franklin College, Mike Leonard served as the offensive coordinator for the Seagulls on two separate occasions. First from 1993 to 1995 then for the championship season of 1998.

(photo:Coach Leonard while with the Seagulls)



Here is a list of his coaching posts over the years.

Franklin College
Head Coach(2003-Present)
Hanover College
Offensive Coordinator(1999-2002)
Recruit Seagulls
Offensive Coordinator(1998)
Wittenberg University
Offensive Coordinator(1996-1997)
Recruit Seagulls
Offensive Coordinator(1993-1995)
Butler University
Holy Cross College
Wide Receivers(1991)
Hanover College
Offensive Coordinator(1987-1990)
University of Alabama
Graduate Assistant(1986)
DePauw University
Graduate Assistant(1984-1985)


Being diverse, goal oriented, and thinking outside of the box are some of the strengths of our team. Once a year the team holds a coaching conference for former players now coaching. Many ideas that focus on the growth of the sport, its players and coaches are shared here at this forum. This thing is bigger than us and we are dedicated to seeing to it that the state of American football here grows to be better than how we found it.

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