Football in Japan

A brief history and narrative of American football in Japan.


Background, structure, and organization of the league.

Team profile

Memorable moments and highlights from Seagulls history.

Life in Japan

FAQ on what to expect off the field when playing for the Seagulls.

Playing abroad

Looking at various challenges our players have taken up overseas.

Post-playing career

Former players and how they remain involved in team activities.

Message from Head Coach

New head coach Naoki Kosho talks about the upcoming season.


Personnel directors are available to handle all inquiries.

American players(profile and interview)

DE#11 KJ

DE#23 BJ

OT#51 Kai

Application form

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IMPORTANT(League Rules)
(1) League rules prohibit the registering of players who have previously played for a professional organization(NFL,CFL,etc).
(2) League rules also limit teams to four international players per roster, with only two being able to participate on the field of play at one time.

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