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  • 【5.18ドイツ遠征4】We will update our information in English.

【5.18ドイツ遠征4】We will update our information in English.


Hello everyone! It's great to have you with us again for what will hopefully be another season record breaking feats.


The spring season is almost underway and we are all very excited to get back out there, strap it up, and play some football.


We have a pretty tight schedule in May. Three straight weeks of football. We open up with the first game of the Pearl Bowl tournament on the 11th. Followed by the second edition of the International Challenge Bowl in Germany the following week. On the 25th we will be back here in Japan for the second game of the Pearl Bowl tournament.


It will be a month jam packed with action. We will do our best to give you our absolute best performance in every game. No amount of travel, time difference or lack of sleep will stop us from attaining the goals that we have set for ourselves.

We are working hard to prepare physically and mentally for the task ahead. Nothing short of victory would be acceptable, and victory is what we are preparing for.


Thank you always for you support! We hope to see you again this season.

Go Obic Seagulls!


DL#11 Kevin jackson





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